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Volume 52, Number 4, August 2019

Lower expression of plasma-derived exosome miR-21 levels in HIV-1 elite controllers with decreasing CD4 T cell count 

María J.Ruiz-de-León, María A.Jiménez-Sousa, Santiago Moreno, Marcial García, Mónica Gutiérrez-Rivas, Agathe León, Marta Montero-Alonso, Juan González-García, Salvador Resino, Norma Rallón, José M.Benito, Alejandro Vallejo


Background and purpose: 

Exosome-derived miR-21 was independently associated with CD4 T cell decline in HIV-1-infected elite controllers (OR 0.369, 95% CI 0.137–0.994, p = 0.049). Also, a negative correlation between miR-21 expression and MCP-1 level was found (r = −0.649, p = 0.020), while no correlation between soluble biomarkers or cellular immune activation was found.