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Volume 51, Number 1, February 2018

Impact of reduced tigecycline susceptibility on clinical outcomes of Acinetobacter bacteremia 

Yea-Yuan Chang, Yuag-Meng Liu, Chang-Pan Liu, Shu-Chen Kuo, Te-Li Chen, the ACTION study group


Background and purpose: 

The higher 14-day mortality rate for patients with Acinetobacter bacteremia receiving tigecycline appropriately compared to other appropriate antibiotics (36.4% versus 14.2%, P = 0.028) was due to the poor effect of tigecycline for isolates with a minimum inhibitory concentration of 2 μg/mL (63.6% of 11 versus 14.2% of 127, P = 0.001). 


Key words:

Tigecycline, Acinetobacter bacteremia, Minimum inhibitory concentration, Appropriate antibiotics