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Volume 50, Number 3, June 2017

Zoonotic potential of Helicobacter spp. 

Irena Mladenova-Hristova, Olga Grekova, Ami Patel


Corresponding author:

Ami Patel, Corresponding author. Division of Dairy and Food Microbiology, Mansinhbhai Institute of Dairy & Food Technology-MIDFT, Dudhsagar Dairy Campus, Mehsana 384 002, Gujarat, India. 


Background and purpose: 

The genus Helicobacter contains more than 35 species. Helicobacter pylori is the most important in terms of human health. Discovery of these helicobacters gives opportunity to understand the relationship between these bacteria which colonise the animal and human gut and their effect on the host. Infection with Helicobacter spp. and the associated diseases in their hosts allow us to study the pathogenic mechanisms. The potential zoonotic pathway for the transmission of Helicobacter spp. and epidemiology of this genus, deserve more attention to these emerging pathogens.



Key words:

Helicobacter pylori, Helicobacter spp., Zoonosis, Chronic gastritis, Peptic ulcer disease