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Volume 48, Number 5, October 2015

A rare nonfatal presentation of disseminated Chromobacterium violaceum sepsis 

Ashwin Rajendra Saboo, Ramaa Vijaykumar, Sushma Uttam Save, Sandeep Bhalchandra Bavdekar

Received: March 19, 2012    Revised: April 20, 2012    Accepted: November 8, 2012   


Corresponding author:

Sandeep Bhalchandra Bavdekar, Corresponding author. 9, A2 Worli Sea-Side CHS, Pujari Nagar, KAG Khan Road, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 


Background and purpose: 

We present a case of disseminated Chromobacterium violaceum sepsis with multiple liver and splenic abscesses presenting with skin lesions and cardiogenic shock, and later diagnosed to have chronic granulomatous disease. The patient was treated with prolonged antimicrobial therapy, after which she recovered and remained asymptomatic on follow-up. 


Key words:

Cardiogenic shock, Chromobacterium, G6PD deficiency, Hepatic abscess, Immunodeficiency