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Volume 48, Number 4, August 2015

Breakthrough disseminated cryptococcosis during micafungin therapy 

Wen-Sen Lee, Tai-Chin Hsieh, Tsong-Yih Ou, Sing-On Teng, Fu-Lun Chen, Fu-Der Wang

Received: July 26, 2011    Revised: November 26, 2012    Accepted: March 13, 2013   


Corresponding author:

Fu-Der Wang
Corresponding author. Division of Infectious Disease, Department of Internal Medicine, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, National Yang-Ming University of Medicine, Number 111, Section 3, Hsing-Long Road, Taipei, Taiwan. 


Background and purpose: 

Echinocandins are not active against basidiomycetous yeasts, such as Cryptococcus neoformans, Trichosporon, and Rhodotorula species, and zygomycosis. We present a patient with renal failure and candidemia, who developed a breakthrough fungal infection with cryptococcemia and cryptococcuria while receiving micafungin therapy. 


Key words:

Breakthrough fungal infection, Cryptococcosis, Micafungin