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Volume 45, Number 1, February 2012

Leptospirosis with transient paraparesis and thrombocytopenia: A case report

Lih-shinn Wang, Chia-ching Jackie Wang, Shu-hua Huang, Hueichen Chao, Sheng-huang Lin, Jwo-haur Chang, Yu-huai Ho

Received: January 17, 2010    Revised: March 17, 2010    Accepted: May 11, 2010   


Corresponding author:

Lih-shinn Wang, Department of Infectious Diseases, Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Taiwan, ROC
Corresponding author. Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Central Office, 707 Section 3, Chun-Yang Road, Hualien 970, Taiwan.


Key words:

Neuroleptospirosis, Paraparesis, Polyneuropathy, Thrombocytopenia